Common workplace injuries and how to prevent them

While accidents will always happen no matter how careful we try to be, many workplace injuries are preventable. A combination of training, proper equipment provision, readily available guidance, signage and sensible policies can reduce your workplace’s accident rate, resulting in a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. What are the most common injuries? According [...]

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Do you have a home first aid kit?

According to the RoSPA, using the most recent available data, more accidents in the UK take place at home than anywhere else. 2.7 million hospital visits were attributed to home accidents in 2002, and RoSPA say that around 6,000 deaths each year are the result of home accidents (compared to 1,732 fatal road accidents [...]

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The British Standard for workplace first aid has changed

BS 8599-1, the British Standard applying to workplace first aid kits, is changing. The existing version, BS 8599-1:2011, has now been withdrawn and replaced by a new one, BS 8599-1:2019. Some of these changes are minor, but others are more substantial. In brief, this is what has changed: Two new kit categories have been [...]

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How important is First Aid in the Workplace?

We spend most of our day at work, making it our second home. Some thrive from the prospect of interacting and developing ideas with their fellow colleagues over a cup of coffee, some feel the most happy and creative when they’re in their own space, with headphones on and surrounded by familiar settings. One [...]

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