We spend most of our day at work, making it our second home. Some thrive from the prospect of interacting and developing ideas with their fellow colleagues over a cup of coffee, some feel the most happy and creative when they’re in their own space, with headphones on and surrounded by familiar settings.

One thing is for sure, and that is the importance of keeping ourselves and each other safe. For that we will be talking today about First Aid at Work.

From a legal perspective, having a First Aider at work is a necessity as instated by HSE (Health and Safety Executive – UK government agency responsible for the enforcement and regulation of workplace health) in 1981. Meaning it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that in case of an accident occurring, the individuals are properly taken care of in a timely manner by someone who has completed a First Aid course.

Benefits for Employers
First and foremost and the most important factor: it can save lives. The First Aid Training Courses LINK IT are specifically made to give people the ability to act swiftly, quickly and informed in the case of, for example, someone choking; managing to save people’s lives.

The decisions a First Aider makes are quicker, confident and reliable, making sure time is not wasted asking around ‘what the best practice is’ in the eventuality of someone losing consciousness. They will act fast and you can be rest assured they will help the situation instead of making it worse, which is what happens when someone without First Aid Training would do when the knowledge pool is limited.

It can save you money. Having one of your employees a First Aider comes with the costs of the course, agreed, but in turn, can save you a lot of money down the line.

If an emergency happens, the First Aider is able to react quickly to provide treatment for those involved, or advise on the next course of action. In certain cases, if relief isn’t given immediately after an injury took place, it can result in it becoming more serious than it would have been had it been treated on time.

Life-changing injuries and worst case scenario, fatalities, are not unknown to happen in workplaces, making the First Aider a necessary tool to ensure your business doesn’t get sued from one of these mistakes, also ensuring the injured individual is able to attend to their work faster than they would if the situation would become aggravated in absence of someone with First Aid knowledge.

Safety First Aid Training are offering First Aid Courses with a life-like component, making sure the First Aider is equipped with knowledge and practice of worst case scenarios so they can act from a position of understanding in a desperate situation.

Benefits for employers include a better, more joyful work environment. One of the most important parts of a company is the employees, and therefore the culture of the business. We know the importance of a good, healthy work place and that also includes looking of the wellbeing and the mental health of our employees.

When they feel like they are being catered for, that someone is presenting them with the opportunity of them learning First Aid for their sake and the people around them, they feel valued, cared for and cherished. Don’t underestimate the importance of caring for the employees and the little ways you can make them feel like they are very important in the grand scheme of things.

Another advantage would be the promotion of teamwork. First Aid Training Courses can be a great way of learning about one another in a different setting than just work, in an environment that promotes helping eachother and working together with a common goal in mind: saving a potential life.

The people taking the course can learn to rely on one another, making this a great activity for a new formed team, helping people know what sort of roles should each be expected to adopt based on their personality and the way they are able to approach critical situations. Think Myers Briggs Personality Test in a practical, critical situation – it’s just an overall win-win situation.

There are multiple ways to ensure you show your staff they are being valued and First Aid Training Courses is just one of them.

Safety First Aid Training will soon be able to offer online courses for First Aid and more, such as Mental Health First Aid; Children First Aid; Sports First Aid; Fire Safety and Health and Safety Courses.

Complete the survey and let us know which one of the courses would you be interested in!

*Some courses require the attendance for the practical session in the future (to be discussed at the time of booking).

By Safety First Aid